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Used Cutting Saddles For Sale

Used Cutting SaddleCutting saddles are designed for a specific task,i.e cutting or separating a calf or cow from the herd.
Bearing in mind the calf will want to return to his mom this can be quite a challenge for the cowboy or more correctly his horse.
A horse trained for this work is called a cutting horse and he is the sheep dog of the equestrian world. He will almost instinctively twist and turn to keep the calf seperated. This is a job performed well by quarter horses although other breeds may do it.
A cutting saddle will have a small horn and a high cantle, due to the frequent stops and starts a deep seat is a must. If you have ridden a cutting horse you will appreciate this.
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Used Cutting Saddles Buying Tips

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* Never send cash to any seller

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This all seems very scary doesn't it? I have bought and sold on eBay for years and never had a single problem. It is convenient, usually cheaper and the range of goods is unbeatable.

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